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Banks Road Chardonnay 2013 (Geelong, Vic)

Welcome to Community wines, I’m Nigel and this is Wine Talk.

Banks Road Chardonnay is from the Geelong District of the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria.

It’s out of the 2013 vintage. I’ve gotta say I am ever so slowly falling in love with this wine.

A beautiful little wine, the Chardonnay is new style in its creation so it’s not big fat and old school.

What it is, is lean with big citrus flavours coming through. So I’ve got big wafts of grapefruit coming off the nose, I’ve got slight hints of nuttiness and there is definitely some oaky-ness coming through from the oak maturation.

On the palate it’s a big textural wine. I’m not saying big and fat…I am saying it has lots of textures coming through from the fruit and the oak. It is definitely all citrus and limes, there is grapefruit and limes coming through. There is no creaminess but I have a funny feeling that this is one of those wines that if you give it a few years on its side and go back and revisit it and you are going to end up with a creamy style of chardonnay. Everything will settle down and it will be smooth drinking.

At the moment as I said there’s lots of citrus but its got clean lines of acid, there is a lot going on…too much to describe in one short video. I definitely recommend this wine, it’s worth having a look at and starting a conversation around Banks Road because they make some other fantastic wines as well.

I’m Nigel, this is Community Wines, thanks for watching.

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