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Cape Jaffa Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most polarising wines that I know of people either love it or hate it, or people love Marlborough Sav Blanc and hate Australian Sav Blanc or they love Australian Sav Blanc and hate Marlborough Sav Blanc. It is very hard to pick the right wine for the right people, but I think the folks at Cape Jaffa winery down on the Limestone Coast have cracked it with the Cape Jaffa Sauvignon Blanc.

This wine is an absolute stunner. Now, where it stands out is that it is not as pungent as a New Zealand Savvy Blanc but it still has some lovely herbaceous grassy flavours coming through on the nose as well as some hints of pepper and spice and some really ripe tropical fruit.

On the palate again it stands out – its tropical fruits all over the place.

A really light crisp completely in balance wine and to be honest it goes well with Asian Food or Seafood.  And it also just stands up on its own, so if you want to sit down on a Sunday afternoon with some friends and enjoy a bottle of wine then this is an absolute corker to try. It’s light, it’s crisp and it’s summery. It is what I am going to be recommending people to try over summer.

At around $20 per bottle and I think it presents absolute value so give it a try.

Thanks very much I’m Nigel and this has been Wine Talk.


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