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Chardonnay Re-stock

Ok so Christmas is done for another year, the rellos have gone home and the “visitors” cellar is tapped.
You are about to or have returned to work and its still nice to have something fresh to come home to.
My solution to that is Chardonnay, you have spent Christmas drinking (and I say this in the most open-minded way) all manner of white wine to be polite, but its January now and time to enjoy some of life’s simpler pleasures.
Below is a selection of Chardonnay, and if you are a fan then most of these should appeal, they range from the high teens to $30 and are available by the dozen.
Fat Bastard Chardonnay 2014/2015 $17
Community Wines has been in business for 18 months and in that time, I have sold bucket loads of this wine. Why? Because people still like the old school “phat” style of chardonnay…lots of oak, lots of fruit done well. This particular one is made on the US West Coast, and I would say to anyone…before you chuckle at the name or the wine, try some – you’ll buy more.
Aged on French and American Oak, this wine offers bang for buck. The nose is a mix of stone fruit, lemons and almonds and as you take a mouthful it evolves into lusher stone fruit, a balance of lemon citrus followed by spice and butterscotch.
If you drink old school chardonnay, prepare to be addicted.
Punt Road Chardonnay 2017 $22
I did a mailout on the Punt Road releases, a few months back and what I said then has come to fruition…a bit of bottle age has opened the wine up and there is definite stone fruit development.
This is a very good wine, its not a keeper, it’s a drinker/a quaffer so to speak. If you are a fan of the Yarra Valley style – good use of oak balanced with great quality fruit, then this offers an opportunity to drink something nice without the price tag.
Here is what I said a few months back:
The nose is a mix of tropical fruit and citrus (grapefruit and mandarins) backed by hints of oak. The palate is an exercise in balance, acids are totally in balance with the mouth textures and the oak. Nothing sticks out and this chardonnay has a very soft finish. Dominant flavours coming through are grapefruit, mandarin and oranges, normally the hallmark of Yarra fruit is a balance of citrus and stone fruits. But due to the cool nights of the ’17 vintage the stone fruit is not so apparent. Back to my caveat, come January and beyond with a bit of bottle development this wine will flesh out further and stone fruit flavours will come to the fore. Definitely a short-term keeper, this is a great drinking chardonnay for the next 12 months. Perfect for barbecues and parties.
Lightfoot & Sons Myrtle Point Chardonnay 2016 $25
I love these guys, they make great wine in one of the most inhospitable winegrowing regions in Australia – Gippsland…and they do it well. The wines are made in what can only be described as a slightly Burgundian style (a nod to the heritage of their two main varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir). I am not claiming you take a sip and suddenly you’ll feel like you are in Burgundy, just the winemaking is stylistically more Burgundian than Australian.
On the nose citrus is predominant (think lemon curd), but you also get melons and peaches with hints of almond (think marzipan). But it is the palate where this wine kicks off. 100% French oak (with a touch of new), matched with a little bit of malo and some lees stirring…gets the textures just right. This wine is without a doubt a stone fruit (white peaches) and citrus ride. The acid just folds right in with everything else. Definitely a wine you are thinking about the next glass mid sip. I have consumed multiple vintages of this wine and keep coming back for more.
Clarence House Chardonnay 2016 $28
This is not leave the best til last, but god this is a good wine. Every client who has purchased some has thanked me. It is not a discovery, it has been around for a while. Not only is this good wine, it is a bargain to boot!
The nose is apple and citrus (fitting for Tassie) and struck match, very easy to sit and smell for a while. There is some spice on the nose, but you need to look for it. The palate is lighter in style, oak is used in balance with the fruit, it is not overt. Lemon citrus notes and minerality predominate, but as the wine opens up it becomes fleshier and stonefruit makes a vague appearance. The back ground offers some spice.
This is a great wine and to be honest I don’t think my notes do it justice.
If you want to grab a dozen (or more) of any of these great chardonnays, let me know and I will organise it for you.
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