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Variety: Grenache
Price: $34
Region: Barossa Valley
Tasting Note: This wine reminds me of that scene from Spinal Tap where Nigel Tufnel explains that the volume knobs on his amps go all the way to 11! This is that kind of wine…it goes all the way to 11.

JC is Jaysen Collins (resident winemaker at Massena) and “JC’s Own” is his own project making wines.

You have to try this wine. It is everything you want from a Barossa Grenache. 150-year-old hand-picked vines from Angaston. The flavour intensity just starts at the front of your palate and keeps on going. It is rich but elegant. And, without sounding cliched, “iron fist velvet glove” comes to mind. With this power there is also a balance of fruit, alcohol and flavour.

The nose offers bramble, hints of dirt, cigar box and aromas of ripe dark plums and black currants. The palate is a rich wild ride. It is an amalgam of rich dark fruit juices, herbs, spices, fine tannins and bright acids. This is a wine that makes it hard not to slurp. Did I mention the bottle? How sexy is it?

Like I said you have to try this wine, it’s hard not to like.


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