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Melbourne Martini – Espresso Martini in a Jar

Espresso Martini in a Jar

Every so often I want to throw something a little bit different into the portfolio that is not necessarily a wine.

Today I have the Espresso Martini in a Jar.

If you have ever tried to make an espresso martini you will realise how much of a pain in the neck it really is to do. Whilst they are really really popular and they taste fantastic…you end up making so much that if you drank everything you made, you would be absolutely sick. Now some guys in Melbourne came up with an absolutely fantastic idea which was to make espresso martinis in bulk and put them in a jar.

The beautiful thing about this little product is that it has a shelf life of 12 months…so you can buy it, put it away and forget about it. And then when you come home from a hard day at work and you really feel like an espresso martini all to yourself – reach into the fridge or the cupboard and it will be there waiting for you.

Now it has very simple instructions…chill me, shake me, drink me – so this is what we are going to do. This one has been sitting in the fridge for a little while, we’ll give it a bit of a shake, pop it open then into the martini glass it goes.

It’s a perfect serving portion. I’ve had one of these before and I know it uses cold drip coffee so the coffee quality is fantastic, there is a little hint of chocolate going through it and they use really good quality vodka to complete the cocktail.

Once you get your nose around the aromas coming off the cocktail, it’s fantastic…all I can smell is really deep wafts of coffee and right at the back end there is a little hint of chocolate – it is perfectly in balance. You’ve got coffee to start, hint of chocolate coming through and that lean vodka finish you normally find in a vodka martini…a beautiful drink I recommend getting your hands on some. I’ve got this on the website so if you want to have a look and order the Espresso Martini in a Jar for yourself some please feel free. This is an absolute revelation you really need to try it, it’s fantastic.



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