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On The Tasting Table Issue #3

Welcome to Issue No.3 of On The Tasting Table.

It has been a busy couple of months for us here at Community Wines.

We have been working on rolling out a new website with a more curated offering. This means a more focused offering but zeroing in on high quality wines every time. Each month the wines on offer will be changed, giving you greater variety without having to choose from an over-abundance of wines. You can be confident your choice will be some of the best wine available.

If you haven’t had a look yet, please take some time to explore the website.  We have a Library of tasting notes, articles and blog posts will be added over time. And…our selections may just inspire you!
Don’t forget your first purchase online gets you 15% off (CWLAUNCH15), which one client used quite strategically the other day.

But more importantly – its tasting season and that means a huge volume of wines are being released and every winemaker under the sun wants to show you his wares…

To kick things off Marty Singh came through with his Precipice Wines. You would have seen a missive from me about the Chardonnay which was super impressive and collected 95 points from Huon Hooke (which for Huon is a great score as he is a tough reviewer).

  • I was seriously impressed by the Pinot Noir (from the Willow Lake Vineyard in the Yarra Valley). It is, for want of a better description beautiful. It is artfully balanced offering strawberries, raspberries and vague hints of charcuterie.
  • To finish off, Marty showed me his 2014 Hyde Park Syrah. OMG, we are talking about elegance in a glass. A 4 year old cool climate Syrah showing lots of red fruit on the nose but a rich vein of blue and black fruit on the palate. At 4 years old this wine is just getting into its stride.

Marty’s wines are currently available on the website: Precipice Wines Offer

I have also been working with De Beaurepaire Wines from Rylstone in NSW since a chance discovery at Christmas time – I was extremely impressed with the La Comtesse Chardonnay (think old School Chardonnay but balanced and without the blousiness) and chased down the winery. I put out an offer on their wines earlier this year, but sadly had only a small showing of interest…

But, I am pleased to announce that at the Winestate Magazine 2018 Awards:

  • the Jeannette Chardonnay collected equal Best Chardonnay in NSW,
  • the Blanchefleur Blanc de Blancs was awarded equal Best Sparkling in NSW and,
  • the Ceour d’Or Botrytis Semillon collected overall Best Dessert Wine in NSW.

There is a reason why these wines are being stocked by some of Sydney’s best restaurants. If you are curious about these wines please ask me, I am happy to tell you about them and some of the other wines are currently being offered on the website. If you want some of their wines or want to know more, please reply to this email.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to “The Long Table” tasting. A couple of distributors get together and showcase some of their finer offerings. Some of the more interesting wines were:

  • Born & Raised “Super T” 2015 from Heathcote Vic. This is an homage to Super Tuscan wines from Italy. Super Tuscans evolved when Tuscan winemakers wanted to make wines outside of the Chianti DOC rules. When the dust settled, winemakers were adding greater amounts of Bordeaux varieties to their wines and this new style of winemaking became the breeding ground for some of the world’s finest wines (Sassicaia and Ornellaia for example). The Super T has probably ruined me for other Tuscan style wines at the same price point ($32), it is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and it rocks! Why? Because it is rich and juicy and full of supple silky textures that seduce you as they go past, and that is enough really…one glass will get you hooked. It really is a sum of its parts, the Sangiovese offers the juicy & spicy red fruit, the Cabernet offers loads of cassis and structure and at the end the Merlot provides that plummy lush roundness and fills in all the empty holes. Grab some “Super T” here.
  • Anthony Thevenet Beaujolais 2016. I never thought I would write about Beaujolais as I have always been in the why not just drink Pinot Noir camp. Most examples of Beaujolais to grace our shores in the past have been insipid and generally average examples. But lately smaller more hands-on producers have been shipping their wares east and we are finally getting some Beaujolais worth drinking. Anthony Thevenet, for example produces rich balanced wines that just go for ever, the palate is just an overload of rich black fruit and fine tannins. He produces three wines (Beaujolais Villages, Morgon Cote du Py and a Vielle Vignes) and most of his fruit comes from 150 year old vines. I don’t have these wines on the website as the offering is quite small, but if you are interested in grabbing some please reply to this email. Prices range between $45-$65 per bottle.
  • Last but certainly not least (just at the other end of the Tasting Table!) I came across some wines from The From Sunday Collective who operate out of the Adelaide Hills. The standouts were two of their Nebbiolos, one done in the traditional Piedmont style called the “Bambino” and the other made using carbonic maceration (taking away oxygen and allowing the fruit to press and start ferment on its own skin and juices) called the “Carbonic”. Nebbiolo has a small issue in that when it is young it has rather overt tannins that get in the way of an enjoyable drink. You usually have two choices, either leave them for 5-10 years and wait for the tannins to integrate or buy yourself a massive piece of protein and enjoy…What turned my head with both these wines was that they were just about 1 year old and were showing immense quantities of rich red fruit and the problematic tannins were hardly visible. I fell in love with Nebbiolo again. I am so impressed that the Bambino is offered on the website in my Other Reds Selection.

A couple of weeks back we were at Bibo Wine Bar in Double Bay celebrating the launch of the 2015 vintage Kaesler Old Vine Shiraz wines with Reid Bosward the winemaker. The Kaesler Old Vine Shiraz 2015 and the Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2015 were both open for tasting and without a doubt these are both exquisite wines from what will be considered a great vintage. The funny thing is that they taste amazing now, wait until they have a few more years on them.
It would be remiss not to mention the other wines from the night. The 2008 Vintage Kaesler Old Vine Semillon was probably one of the best wines of the night, at $25 its a steal, you would not pay less than $40 for a Hunter Semillon of a similar quality. The Fave Grenache, was the epitome of elegance in a glass, Old Vine Grenache created with such a delicate touch. And the Kaesler Avignon married the blend of Grenache Mataro and Shiraz beautifully. Not a single wine disappointed, and all have long futures ahead of them. I am still offering the Kaesler Wines from the night on the website and I have fuller tasting notes to share also. Kaesler Dinner Offer

That just about wraps it up for another month, I have been tasting heaps of wines and will be publishing the tasting notes on the website, if you are after something specific or are curious about a certain wine please let me know.



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