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Sidewood Estate Adelaide Hills Shiraz 2014

Today’s wine is something to get very excited about it’s the Sidewood Estate Adelaide Hills Shiraz from the 2014 vintage.

And I’ve got to say it is rocking my world at the moment.

The wine itself is such a beautiful and elegant example of what the Adelaide hills can produce in terms of cool climate Shiraz. I’ve got it on the website in the low 20’s and in all honesty it matches a couple of top end Adelaide Hills Shiraz that certainly sell for upwards of double that price. So, from my perspective this is a real bang for buck incredible wine.

Now the winemaker has suggested that you could put it down quite comfortably for 10-15 years and drink it over that time and I am inclined to agree with them. I have been tasting it for the better part of a day and I am in love with what I am getting here. On the nose this wine is…well for want of a better description it is all bacon fat, it’s brambles, its blackberries, its cherries, herbs and spices. Everything has sort of thrown into the pot. Really, really lovely to smell but the palate is just mind-blowing!

It’s very rich dark fruit flavours coming through; so we are talking plums, we are talking blackberries and we are talking savoury spices. The tannins are so so delicate and fine. They are there & they are a touch on the chalky side but they are so well integrated it just makes it part of the experience. This is a rich black-fruit wine that just goes and goes. And, I have to say I would recommend getting at least a dozen, no two dozen of these because you are going to put a dozen down and you are going to pat yourself on the back every time you have one of these wines.

So, this is the Sidewood Estate Adelaide Hills Shiraz from the 2014 vintage. It’s a beautiful wine, I would recommend it get your hands on some. Thanks for watching.

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