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Singlefile Vineyards Porongurup Riesling 2015

Singlefile Vineyards Porongurup Riesling 2015

Welcome to Community Wines I’m Nigel and this is wine talk.

One of the things I love about wines from Western Australia, is that not many people know a whole lot about them. So whenever you discover a new wine or you find something you have not tried before, it’s like going on your own little voyage of discovery…and my little voyage of discovery today is the Singlefile Vineyards Porongurup Riesling from the Great Southern region of Western Australia. It’s the 2015 vintage and it is a great indication of what the Riesling vintage was like in the Great Southern.

A clean crisp very flavoursome Riesling. On the nose I would have to say that all I am really getting is lemon sherbet, now you might get something a little bit different. But it just comes off in waves and it’s really quite moreish just to sit here and keep on smelling it. But, I won’t do that to you today!

On the palate however it’s a crisp dry Riesling on par with anything I have had from the eastern states and it’s got a lot of texture to boot. So it is very much lemon and lime – a classic Riesling in that respect with really clean acidity coming through. And, it lasts and lasts and lasts so I have these lovely waves of lemon and lime just repeating over the back of my tongue. In terms of acidity it is there but it isn’t overly obvious and you get this sense of nice chalkiness on the tooth that is usually indicating a classic Riesling style.

I would happily recommend this Riesling. It drinks beautifully and it will go really well with Asian food or salads or seafood, so my recommendation is get into it and give it a try. See if you like it and if you don’t Singlefile have a bunch of other wines that are just as good if not better.

Talk to you soon..

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