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Spotlight on Dr Edge

Peter Dredge or as he is kindly known "Dredgy" is the winemaker for Dr Edge. One of those people who truly represent "overnight sucess".

He started in the wine industry at Petaluma under the tutelage of Brian Croser some 20 years ago and has enojoyed a career that has spanned vinatges around the globe and recently (2017) he was nominated as "Peoples Choice" at the Youngs Guns of Wine Awards (awards for "up and coming winemakers").

Resigning from Accolade Wines about 4 years ago, he has set up his own label exploring the unique variety that is Tasmanian Pinot Noir. His project has been to explore the differences in terroir across 3 sites in Tasmania. Meadowbank Vineyard in the South, Stoney Rise in the North and Hazards vineyard in the East.

Using the same clone from each vineyard he has been able to make four wines that are a study of terroir. The fourth wine is a blend of the North, East & South.

By using the same clone and the same winemaking technique he has been able to highlight the differences that are unique to the terroir of the region. 

His first vintage in 2016 used the Australian MV6 Clone, the workhouse of the Australian Pinot Industry. Although MV6 is known to produce robust Pinot Noir a combination of luck and weather combined to create a light elegant style of Pinot Noir among the three wines.

The second vintage used the famous Dijon 115 Clone which is noted for fine elegant styles of wine and everything went according to plan.

The 2018 vintage was an experiment in using the Dijon 777 clone which produced darker flavours and more phenolic transfer given the thickness of the grape skins. Probably the most robust of the three.

But with the 2019 vintage Dredgy has run out of Clones, not enough clonal varieties exist across the three sites to produce more regional Pinot Noirs.

So like any good winemaker he is changing variety. 2019 heralds the release of 3 different Chardonnays and a blend using the same methodology, so it will be interesting to see how these 3 new wines stack up.

But to those fans of Dr Edge Pinot Noir, don't be upset...he continues to produce the "Tasmania" blend and...he has undertaken a similar project in Oregon, the 2017 vintage sold before he could export it back to Australia but he is bringing the 2018 vintage later in the year. And there may be a Riesling project on the cards....hmmm Tassie Riesling yum.

I have been working with Dredgy for the last few years and it really is a pleasure to see these great wines come to fruition. It is really quite interesting to look at and compare the wines he is making.  

I still have stock of the Dr Edge "Tasmania" Pinot Noir 2018 if anyone is interested in trying this great wine or topping up their depleted stocks. Sadly the North East and South sold out many months ago.

But the good news is that:

2018 Dr Edge Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir, from Azana Vineyard;

2018 Dr Edge Eola Amity Hills Pinot Noir, from Dukes Vineyard; and

2018 Dr Edge Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, a blend of the two wines.

Will arrive soon...I am very excited.

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