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This Week's Whites 11th September 2019

This Weeks Whites are a varied selection, German Riesling, a French Chenin from Saumur and a gorgeous Chardonnay from Beechworth.

Kicking things off is the Dr Loosen Riesling 2018, also known as the "Dr L".

German Riesling has managed to get a bad wrap for producing sweet wines, and this is true there are some wines that originate from Germany that have higher residual sugar levels than we are used to and present to the uninitiated as sweet.

But, this is not representative of all German Wines, even in Mosel. The Dr L Riesling 2018 from Dr Loosen is one such wine, a wonderful example showing lemony chalk and wet stone on the nose combined with a juicy palate that exhibits apple, pear, lemon curd and delicious white florals that blast through the mouth and finishing with a citrussy pithy note. There is some fruit sweetness in the background but defnitely balanced by acidity. This is a seamless Riesling with good length. Go to town on seafood and shellfish, it will work perfectly.

I had the opportunity to visit France this last week, not physically but I did have a chance to taste some amazing French wines.

One such wine was the Saumur Blanc from Domaine Langlois-Chateau. Saumur is a region of the Loire Valley that among other grapes produces Chenin Blanc, and I will be honest...its really good! Usually I am a fan of Australian Chenin as it often presents as bigger and brighter than the French Chenin. Not this time, the Saumur Blanc offered wonderful fresh pineapple and apple notes on the nose and palate, with really soft chalky textures that create this wonderful mouthfeel. The wine just keeps going and going down the palate, leaving you wanting for another mouthful. A beautiful wine, great for Summer. If you do not know Chenin Blanc, then I would suggest this one to get you started.

Lastly but certainly not least, I sat down to do a Domenica Wines tasting and had a good look across the range. All the wines are very high quality and even the second tier wines set a pretty high bar....such as the Two Cells Shiraz which keeps many of my clients happy. But the Domenica Wines Chardonnay 2017 is just an absolute standout, a beautiful elegant example of Beechworth Chardonnay...I know what I am talking about as I had a look at Rodda the week before.

The nose offers bright stone fruits (peaches and nectarines), and hints of oak with the faintest hint of gunsmoke in the background. The palate is lean and elegant showing loads of white peach and white nectarines with the faintest hint of grapefruit in the background. Lots of leesy textures show through giving the wine a lovely creamy texture that coats the mouth. There is amazing length and complexity to this wine, had I had more time I think I would have found so much more. Another elegant example of Beechworth Chardonnay, if you are looking for great wine it will never hurt to keep this in mind. Great with any food.

Riesling, Chenin and Chardonnay...different but super enjoyable.

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