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Champagne Paul Bara NV Grand Rosé de Bouzy

Champagne Paul Bara

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This wine is an example of Grand Cru Artisan Champagne, made in very small amounts in the village of Bouzy (famous for the Pinot Noir that goes into this Champagne) by Paul Bara. It has a quality that is on par with the Grand Marque houses of Champagne, without the Grand Marque price point, it is easy to see why this wine is sought after across the globe.

A rich and flavourful champagne that really showcases the Pinot Noir fruit that Bouzy is famous for. The nose is dominated by red fruit such as strawberries and cherries, backed by spicy peppery notes. The palate is more of the same with red fruits in the lead. Raspberries, Strawberries and Cherries dance across the palate. Everything is balance, the soft delicate mousse almost captures any evidence of acids or tannins. Finishing dry this will leave you wanting more. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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